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What does growth as a musician look like?

Each time we pick up our instrument, we're advancing. Each time we play through a chord progression, we're finding a way to make it effortless. Each time we play for someone else we share our hard work. Professional musicians say "10,000 hours". I say a little every day. An hour everyday brings you to 10,000 hours by the time your 35 or so, depending when you start. Not impossible. But why? Music is the language of the heart, beyond words, a deeper connection and experience of communication.

I'm reaching back to the music I listened to as a teenager, Joni Mitchell. I'm learning her open tunings and playing the songs the way they were recorded. It's deeply satisfying to hear them correctly and reproduce them correctly. Growth is hard to see, but builds and builds and builds. Lessons are helping us manifest our favorite songs, and uncover deep vibrations in our psyche. You can't always measure it, or hear it in your playing right away, but all your life, you'll have that rich knowledge of how music works and how to better listen.

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