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Guitar, Ukulele and Voice lessons

Sarah helps you say, "I get it now"  I get music. 

To develop your musical muscle, to bring the music forward, to help you focus and learn. Sarah meets you where you are and can guide you to playing and singing the music you love.

Music is known for its brain benefits.  Read some of the reasons why here

  One day at Roadworthy Guitar and Amp up on the north side of town behind a bowling alley, Bloomington Bluesman Karl Corts encouraged Sarah to consider teaching. Since 1996, she's enjoyed hosting workshops, private lessons and recitals, album release parties and public schools' classes. With a private studio in downtown Bloomington and now online, Sarah connects with students from all over the country.

​Sarah has taught private guitar, voice and ukulele lessons to over 500 students, many of them having continued to pursue careers in music or the music industry.

Student Performances and Recitals

There's an advantage to being online. We can share our progress with family and friends. Making videos is easy in my teaching portal

Once or twice a year Sarah produces "Share the Music" nights. A chance to see other students and what they're working on as well as an opportunity to perform. Students really enjoy the experience of performing for their family and friends. We had online recitals in November 2020 and coming up again soon.

To get started, contact Sarah to schedule your first 4 lessons or subscribe.

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