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Sarah Flint plays ukulele near the barn
Three syblings on one lesson
Rhino's recital

Guitar, Ukulele and Voice lessons

Sarah – your guide to saying, "I get it now" in the language of music.
Embark on a journey to develop your musical muscle, bringing your favorite songs to life. Sarah meets you where you are, fostering your focus, and giving you the personal feedback you need to elevate your musical skills. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your craft, Sarah's personalized guidance ensures you play and sing the music you love.

Discover the brain benefits of playing and listening to music as you immerse yourself in a transformative lifetime learning experience. One study, published in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience, found that learning a musical instrument can improve verbal memory, or the ability to retain and recall written and spoken information, in as little as 10 weeks. Nov 22, 2023

Sarah's passion for teaching began at Roadworthy Guitar and Amp Bloomington when Bluesman Karl Corts and teacher himself encouraged her to share her musical skills to others. Since 1996, she has hosted workshops, private lessons, recitals, album release parties, and classes.
With a private studio in downtown Bloomington and online sessions available, Sarah connects with students nationwide. Over the years, she has mentored over 700 students, many of whom have pursued successful careers in music or the music industry.
Experience the joy of sharing your musical progress with family and friends. Sarah's teaching portal,, facilitates easy video creation to showcase your achievements or ask video questions throughout the week between lessons. Join the "Share the Music" nights, events where students perform and connect with peers. Online recitals in 2020/21/22 were a hit, and more live and online recitals are coming soon.
Ready to take the first step? Contact Sarah today to schedule your first 4 lessons or subscribe. Unleash your musical potential and make the world resonate with your unique sound. Let Sarah be your guide on your extraordinary musical journey.


Student plays ukulele
Students play at Rhino's recital
student plays at Rhino's Recital
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