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Sarah Flint at Bear's with Hoosier Darling
Sarah Flint at Brown County Inn
Sarah Flint plays ukulele smiling

About Sarah

🎸 2024 - Now: Unlock Your Musical Potential 🎸
Sarah Flint, a seasoned performing musician, is on a mission to enhance your musical journey. Offering personalized lessons online from anywhere, and empowering workshops, she's your go-to guide for practical musical learning and insights.
🌟 2023 - Resurgence 🌟
Sarah chooses to remain online, finding the efficacy, intimacy, and convenience an overwhelming factor of success for students. Sarah offered her students an in-person experience as well for the first time since 2019 with a recital at Mike's Music Barn. Students met each other, shared their skills and a meal in Brown County for a harmonious blend of music and community.
🎤 2020 - Seamless Online Learning 🎤
Sarah seamlessly shifted to online lessons, making music education not only possible, but stress-free and engaging. Her track record includes online recitals, setting the stage for a rich music learning experience for her students.
🎸 2017-2021 - Performance Brilliance 🎸
Sarah featured collaborations with Tom Roznowski, a jazz duo with Dave Gulyas, and joining the Pink Floyd tribute band Atom Heart Mother. Catch them live during the upcoming eclipse!
🌈 2010-2015 - Musical Evolution 🌈
Performing as June Carter in a Johnny Cash revue and a vocal harmony group Hoosier Darling, Sarah's journey showcases versatility. Explore her diverse musical landscape, where every note counts.
🎺 2000-2017 - Sarah's Swing Set Era 🎺
As a mom, a Youth Radio program creator on WFHB, and jazz lead vocalist with the Stardusters Big Band, Sarah formed Sarah's Swing Set in 2004, releasing 2 albums that include her original compositions "Pillow Fight" and "The Perfect Gift."
🎸 1982-1989 - Rock Roots 🎸
Sarah's musical roots in Bloomington date back to 1982, performing in rock bands like The Mixxe, Blue Hugh and the Colortones, Dr. Bop and the Headliners, and collaborating with John Mellencamp on Scarecrow. These early experiences laid the foundation for her remarkable career.
⚡ Join Sarah Flint's Musical Adventure! ⚡
Ready to unlock your musical potential? Join Sarah's workshops, lessons, and live performances. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, Sarah's practical approach ensures you level up your musical game. 🎶🚀


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